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Managing and maintaining the vast expanse of cement flooring found in warehouses across the Atlanta, with an average size exceeding 15,000 square feet, can be quite the undertaking. However, there is a solution that can simplify maintenance while ensuring long-lasting preservation of your factory's concrete floors. Concrete coatings offer an excellent remedy in this regard. Epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic coatings are particularly well-suited for industrial flooring due to their exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness. By applying these concrete floor coatings, you can protect your warehouse floors, making maintenance a breeze, and guaranteeing their longevity for years to come.

If you’re interested in installing polyurea, polyaspartic, or epoxy floor coatings in your industrial facility, contact FloorCo Coating Systems to discuss your flooring needs! We can help you determine the best coating choice for your unique needs and provide a free cost and time estimate.

Benefits of epoxy floors

Except improving the look of your Atlanta garage, epoxy floor coatings bring a ton of benefits. From adding a well functioning living space to your home, to having a floor that will last years to come, the benefits that epoxy brings will benefit every home owner.


These high performance floors will resist stains and dangerous chemicals, as well as withstand heavy traffic from equipment and heavy-duty machinery like forklifts.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy flooring systems are low maintenance and easy to maintain. Stains and marks can be easily cleaned, requiring just a mop, water an a mild detergent.


Anti-slip agents can be added to the final coat of the floor, to increase slip resistance and improve safety.

Quick Installation

Installation of industrial flooring can be a massive undertaking, but with concrete coatings, the application can be done quickly to minimize your company’s downtime.


Concrete coatings are customizable, so you can personalize the look of your factory’s floors. Choose from a variety of epoxy paint colors, flake colors, and flake sizes to achieve a look that’s uniquely yours. Don’t want to add color to your floors? Ask about concrete polishing!

Chemical Resistant

Epoxy floor coatings can resist harsh chemicals including certain solvents and acids, animal fats and oils.

Floor Removal and Preparation

At FloorCo Coating Systems we are one stop shop for all of your flooring needs. From floor removal and floor preparation to floor system installation, we have the tools, skills and knowledge to complete each job on time and to the highest standart.

Our floor removal services include:
Adhesive removal
Coating removal
Flooring removal (including carpet, vinyl, hardwood)
Tile removal

As each floor system requieres different floor preparation, we offer a wide range of floor preparation services including:
Diamond grinding

Talk to one of our flooring experts today to discuss the best floor process for your facility and needs. We offer Free onsite estimates.

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Concrete Densification and Sealing

Concrete is an exceptionally resilient and durable substance, making it an ideal choice for Atlanta's industrial flooring applications. When combined with a protective coating, its inherent strength is further enhanced, resulting in a floor capable of withstanding a wide array of challenges. This attribute makes concrete floors particularly advantageous in industrial environments, such as the pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturing, where accidental spills are common occurrences. Given its natural porosity, concrete is vulnerable to factors like offten spills. This is why at FloorCo Coating Systems we offer a range of protective concrete solutions.

Concrete Hardening

Concrete densification involves the application of a concrete densifier onto the upper layer of a concrete floor, resulting in increased density. This also makes the concrete perfect for polishing during the refinement process. While it complements a polished floor perfectly, it can be applied to both polished and unpolished floors.

Its primary purpose is to enhance the longevity and strength of the concrete floor by effectively filling the existing pores. One notable effect of concrete flooring is the presence of free lime, which is a form of calcium oxide that reacts to the densification process. As the densifier deeply penetrates the concrete, a chemical reaction occurs, ensuring that every pore is filled. Consequently, the concrete undergoes a hardening process, significantly enhancing its surface durability. Typically, well-maintained concrete floors that have undergone densification can endure for approximately 20 years.

Concrete Sealing

Grind and seal is a simple and affordable way of sealing your concrete while preserving its natural beauty. The sealer penetrates and bonds with the concrete to create a durable surface.
The clear sealer creates a non-porous surface that is easy to maintain and clean. It will elimate concrete dusting and it will protect the concrete from stains, cracks and wear and tear.
It's a great solution for industrial warehouses, loading dock, bin rooms, hangars and manufacturing areas.

Industrial Polished Concrete

Are you looking for an affordable flooring solution that won't disrupt your daily business operations?
Concrete polishing is a convenient, one-time process that entails minimum installation downtime.
Moreover, it demands minimal maintenance and does not require frequent renewal. Its resistance to moisture and vapor-related concerns makes it particularly well-suited for manufacturing facilities in Atlanta. Additionally, concrete polishing boasts the longest lifespan among available industrial flooring options, ensuring long-term durability and cost-effectiveness.

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