Epoxy Garage Flooring

Transform your Atlanta residential and commercial garage floors into a durable, easy to maintain and long-lasting surface.

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Residential Garage Floors

Has your Atlanta garage started to show sign of wear and tear? Stains, dust, dirt and chips are a normal sign at residential garages, but they really don't have to be.

Sealing your concrete floors with our decorative, yet durable and long-lasting epoxy floor coatings, will not only improve the look and feel of your garage, but will also make it easy to maintain.

We use high-performance floor coatings that will protect the underlying floor from damage, stains, cracks and chips. Sealing the concrete will also prevent concrete dusting from entering your home or sticking on your car.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean, meaning any spill can be wiped up with ease. And no matter the spill, whether it be oil, paint or a caustic chemical, garage epoxy flooring will show no signs of damage.

Epoxy Garage Floor Benefits

Except improving the look of your Atlanta garage, epoxy floor coatings bring a ton of benefits. From adding a well functioning living space to your home, to having a floor that will last years to come, the benefits that epoxy brings will benefit every home owner.


Epoxy is extemely durable when properly installed. It can resists scratches, abrasion, stains, chips, machine oils and hot tire pick up. It has a non-porous, seamless, gloss finish.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy has a non-porous seamless finish, that does not harbor bacteria, dust and dirt. Stains and marks can be easily cleaned, requiring just a mop, water an a mild detergent.


Anti-slip agents can be added to the final coat of the garage floor, to increase slip resistance when the floor is wet.

UV Stable

We use an UV stable topcoat, to protect the floor from discoloration, yellowing and fading under direct sunlight.


We offer a range of decorative garage floor finishes and vibrant colors to match with any interior, making it popular choice for residential and commercial garages.


With our detailed floor preparation, you can rest assured your floors will last years to come without lifting or peeling, saving you money on maintenance.

Commercial Garage Floors

The floors in your Atlanta auto repair shop speak a lot about your business. Unkept concrete floors covered in stains, chips and marks can portray your business and skills in a negative way. They can also hamper your performance and show down repairs.

Installing epoxy floors in your commercial garage will not only brighten up and present your business in a positive light, but they will also improve performance. Choosing bright light reflective epoxy colors will improve visibility, speed up finding lost screws and improve overal performance.

As epoxy floor coatings are non-porous and stain and oil resistant, keeping your showroom floor clean and stain free will be a piece of cake.

With their durability, you will no longer have to worry about heavy tool boxes, dropped tools or car jacks damaging your auto repair shop floors.

Garage Floor Finishes

As every garage floor is different and requires tailor-made performance, we offer a range of garage floor coatings that are tailored for the needs of residential garages, car dealerships, car showrooms, mechanical workshops, performance engine shops, racing car workshops and parking garage facilities.
Some of the most popular garage floor finishes are:

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake is the most durable and popular garage floor option. It is a multi layered floor system that incorporates vinyl flakes for durability, slip resistance and aesthetics. Flake floors are weather and waterproof, stain, chip and scratch resistant, easy to clean and maintain as well as long-lasting.

Metallic Epoxy

Our custom made metallic floors are a combination of metallic pigments and high-performance epoxy coating. With all epoxy benefits, this is the most decorative, one of a kind-flooring availalbe on the market. Thanks to the movement of the pigments and different application techniques, no two floors will ever be the same.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is the process of cleaning the concrete slab to remove any traces of dirt, dust, stains and old coatings and sealing it with a clear UV stable protective topcoat. This finish will protect the floor from stains and cracks, while preserving the natural beauty of the concrete.

Choosing FloorCo for your garage needs

With years of epoxy installation experience, our team of professional contractors is highly skilled in epoxy design and installation. We take pride in delivering garage epoxy flooring that is completed with utmost precision and to your satisfaction - getting it right the first time.
We guarantee your satisfaction and strive to treat our customers like family. Whatever your garage epoxy flooring installation and design requirements may be, you can trust FloorCo Coating Systems Atlanta to provide comprehensive coverage and exceptional service.

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