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FloorCo Coating Systems specializes in delivering professional epoxy concrete coatings for commercial properties in Atlanta. With our top-notch epoxy floor services, we ensure the utmost protection for your commercial floors, safeguarding them against unsightly stains, chipping, and other forms of damage. Our dedicated team is driven by a passion for assisting you with all your concrete coating requirements. Trust us to provide exceptional solutions that enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your commercial space.

Concrete coatings play a vital role in safeguarding concrete surfaces against potential damage. Among the various coating options available, epoxy coatings offer exceptional protection for your floors, shielding them from stains, corrosion, unsightly marks, and general wear and tear. The durable nature of epoxy floor coatings not only ensures long-term resilience but also helps minimize floor maintenance costs. By opting for epoxy coatings, you can create a more polished and clean appearance for your business, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal. Experience the benefits of a well-protected and visually appealing floor with the lasting durability of epoxy coatings.

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Where are commercial floor coatings good for?

Renovating a space or building a new one can be stressful. We want our clients to feel comfortable and secure when walking into new projects. We offer many different types of decorative flooring coatings, polished concrete and concrete repair methods to make sure any commercial space is working its best and looking its best.

Our decorative floor coatings are most commonly found in:

  • Residential and commercial garage floors
  • Retail stores, big box stores and grocery stores
  • Commercial car parks
  • Hospitals, clinics and laboratories
  • Dog kennels
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Public showers, changing rooms, aquatic centers
  • Residential homes - basements, driveways, pool decks, patios and interior
  • Warehouses, logistical and distribution centers
  • Industrial and manufacturing properties
  • Bars, restaurants and clubs
  • Office building and hotels

Best flooring for commercial kitchens

Urethane Mortar is the ultimate solution for commercial kitchens and manufacturing facilities, capable of withstanding a wide range of challenges. From enduring extreme temperature fluctuations to resisting hot oil spills, constant moisture, and impacts from metal pans, Urethane Mortar excels in every aspect. It is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of these environments, providing exceptional durability and performance. With Urethane Mortar, you can ensure that your commercial kitchen or manufacturing facility remains resilient and ready to tackle any obstacle that comes its way.
Urethane mortar, also know as urethane cement is a 3 component polyurethane concrete formula, best suited for heavy-duty environments that require high resistance to impact, abrasion, thermal shocks, chemicals, animal fats and organic food acids. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

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