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What is epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring services and solutions are the most popular methods to protect concrete surfaces from damages, such as cracks, chips, stains, and crumbling, caused by everyday use in residential, industrial, or commercial areas. Epoxy flooring application prevents these damages from occurring.

Epoxy floor coating can be installed quickly and efficiently over clean, well-prepared concrete slab floors. There are many available effects, including solid colours, decorative flake, and metallic epoxy floor coating. FloorCo can bring a whole new look to your place with different colors, textures, and patterns. Also, with clear Epoxy Floor Coatings, you can keep the natural beauty of the concrete look on your floor and still protect yourself and the concrete at the same time.

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Benefits of epoxy floors

Except improving the look of your Atlanta garage, epoxy floor coatings bring a ton of benefits. From adding a well functioning living space to your home, to having a floor that will last years to come, the benefits that epoxy brings will benefit every home owner.


Epoxy is extemely durable when properly installed. It can resists scratches, abrasion, stains, chips, machine oils, heavy traffic and hot tire pick up. It has a non-porous, seamless, gloss finish.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy has a non-porous seamless finish, that does not harbor bacteria, allergens, dust and dirt. Stains and marks can be easily cleaned, requiring just a mop, water an a mild detergent.


Anti-slip agents can be added to the final coat of the floor, to increase slip resistance and improve safety.

UV Stable

We use an UV stable topcoat, to protect the floor from discoloration, yellowing and fading under direct sunlight.


We offer a range of decorative garage floor finishes and vibrant colors to match with any interior, making it popular choice for residential and commercial garages.

Chemical Resistant

Epoxy floor coatings can resist harsh chemicals including certain solvents and acids, animal fats and oils.

Where are epoxy floor coatings good for?

Thanks to their durability and customizable look, epoxy floor coatings are suitable for virtually any property in Atlanta, whether is residential, commercial or industrial.

They are most commonly found in the following areas:

  • Residential and commercial garage floors
  • Retail stores, big box stores and grocery stores
  • Commercial car parks
  • Hospitals, clinics and laboratories
  • Dog kennels
  • Residential homes - basements, driveways, pool decks, patios and interior
  • Warehouses, logistical and distribution centers
  • Industrial and manufacturing properties
  • Bars, restaurants and clubs
  • Office building and hotels

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Epoxy floor Systems

We offer a wide range of epoxy floor systems that are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial settings. Whether you are looking for something more decorative or something to perform under the toughest conditions, at FloorCo Coating Systems, we are sure we have the right floor for you.

Solid Color Epoxy

If you're in search of a flooring option that offers both a high-gloss finish and enhanced added slip resistance and durability, solid epoxy flooring systems are the perfect choice. These systems dry rapidly and are available in a wide range of colors to suit any style and design preference. Crafted from 100% solids epoxy, these flooring systems are ideal for various settings and boast exceptional chemical resistance and slip-resistant properties.

Solid Epoxy Flooring Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Car Dealerships
Retail Floors
Manufacturing Facilities
Hospitals and Laboratories

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Comprising multiple layers of 100% solids epoxy, vinyl flakes, and chemical and UV-resistant topcoats, epoxy chip flooring systems are designed for indoor and outdoor use. These systems offer excellent slip resistance and chemical resistance, making them an optimal choice for environments where safety is a top priority. Additionally, their easy maintenance make them highly favored in commercial spaces. Ideally suited for areas with with moisture issues and heavy foot traffic or light vehicle traffic, this flooring finish delivers a functional and visually appealing terrazzo-like appearance.

Epoxy Chip Flooring Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Recreational areas
Retail Floors
Auto repair shops
Hospitals and Laboratories
Grocery stores
Commercial Kitchens

Custom Metallic Epoxy

Discover the captivating brilliance and distinctiveness of our Metallic Epoxy systems. These systems harness the power of finely crafted metallic pigments to produce mesmerizing color variations and elevate the artistic allure of any floor. Ideal for commercial environments seeking to make a lasting impression, Metallic epoxy flooring systems provide an exceptional opportunity to stand. Our clients' desires are paramount, which is why we offer customizable finishes that mimic the appearance of granite, stone, marble, water, or clouds, ensuring a truly personalized result.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Restaurants and Bars
Retail Floors
Hotel Lobbies
Event centers

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